Online X-Fader Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Can I download this "X-Fader" thing to use off-line?
    2. How do i get it to work in an AOL chat room?
    3. How do i get it into my "HTML editor"?
    4. Why aren't you answering my questions in E-mail?
    5. Where can I find out more information about this HTML stuff?

1. Can I download this "X-Fader" thing to use off-line?

No, I'm afraid that is impossible. As stated on the main page, this site is not like other X-Fader-type programs which you can download. This site is designed to be platform independent (ie. run on any system which has a web browser), and non-localised (ie. you can access it from anywhere). It was created as an experiment in Web interfaces, and as such can only be run through your browser while on-line.

If you want an X-fader program that you can download you will have to look elsewhere, I am sad to say. Personally, while the web interface can be a little awkward, i use my own on-line X-Fader all the time for practical purposes. Perhaps you can learn to get used to doing things on-line as well.

2. How do I get it to work in an AOL chat room?

I have gotten this question a bewildering number of times; bewildering because I have really no idea what it even means! I suspect the writers likewise have little clue. I am not an AOL member, and have don't know what their "chat rooms" are like, or how the X-Fader might want to be used there. But I shall try to answer here anyway.

It is probably "impossible" to use this X-fader or any HTML X-fader with a chat room. Chat rooms are generally (as far as I've seen) not made to display HTML.

This X-Fader's purpose is to create HTML code which gradates colour between letters. You can use this generated code anywhere that it is possible to use HTML by pressing the "Show Codes" button, and then marking and copying the codes to your clipboard, and then pasting them into the HTML application (ie. an HTML/Web Page editor).

If your chat room does use HTML then you could try "pasting" the generated HTML codes into your chat room window---but i doubt it will work.

Sorry if this answer is vague. I hope you can understand the concepts.

3. How do i get it into my "HTML editor"?

To use the Online Colour X-Fader for practical purposes assumes that you have at least some knowledge of web page creation, and an idea of what HTML code is. It is perhaps a little bit too complicated for an absolute beginner. Hopefully you can figure it out with some trial and error.

After creating a fade which you want to use in an HTML page, you must press the "Show Codes" button. When you do this, you will see appear a whole bunch of HTML code. You must then with your mouse go and select/mark all that code. Once marked you use the "COPY" function on your browser's EDIT menu to copy the code to your clipboard. Then go to your HTML editor and use the "PASTE" function, which will hopefully insert the HTML code properly into your web page.

If you don't know what an "HTML Editor" is then this is probably too complex for you! By HTML editor I mean either web page creating software like Macromedia Dreamweaver, or Microsoft Frontpage, or Adobe GoLive or PageMill. However, if you know what you are doing, you could also be making web pages in a plain text editor, or some other type of editor, or even a word processor. I do not know the exact procedures for inserting HTML codes in these last instances. You are going to have to figure it out for yourself!

4. Why aren't you answering my questions in E-mail?

Why didn't you find this web site sooner?! <grin>

You have to understand that this X-Fader is now quite an old project/experiment for me. It has been here a long time, and was never advertised, so has been mostly ignored, with only a few hits. Lately it has seemed to have caught on and has been getting more and more hits, and I've been getting a lot of email.

These days, however, I am extremely busy with other projects (such as my Vaults of Parnassus site), and don't have a lot of time to spare for this old site. I'm just one guy, and I programmed this and put it on-line to share with everyone on-line for free. If you find it amusing or of any use, then that's great, I'm glad! If, on the other hand, you just find it just annoying, perplexing, or incomprehensible then perhaps its not a good site for you---no hard feelings.

Admittedly, this is not the most user-friendly site in the world. It is my hope that some people may learn some things from it, and a few may even find it moderately useful. I, myself, find it a fairly useful tool... but then I programmed it!

My best advice is, just keep experimenting and trying things! Sorry if this isn't much help!

5. Where can I find out more information about this HTML stuff?

Try the DMOZ HTML directory, and for even more basic information look especially at the Beginner's Tutorials

You could also try Yahoo (especially noting the Guides and Editors sections).

Finally, if you are running Windows 98, you can install the Frontpage Lite that comes with it, and look at the help files for it.

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