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Why Perl? What Perl? Perl is a fairly universal scripting language these days. It is freely available for most platforms including all the platforms that Yarn is available for, namely: DOS, Win95/NT, and OS/2. Therefore these scripts should work universally if you have Perl installed. (Warning: Perl can be very frustrating for newbies!)

Scripts here, in alphabetical order:

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Script descriptions in order of being added (newest first):

  1. SoupPost 1.5 is a really handy (if i do say so myself) Perl script which will insert text files as Email into SOUP reply packets (creating a new one if necessary) from the command line. Very easy to use, just specify who the post is to (on the command line), the subject, and the text file to post... hit enter. Done! Well first you have to edit a few variables at the beginning of the script to define your soup packet name, and so on... piece of cake.
  2. This "Text-2-Folder 1.3" Perl script does just what it sounds like it might do. It takes a text file and inserts it into one of your Yarn folders, quick and dirty, not to mention configurable.
  3. This "Fold-Up 2.1" Perl script scans and updates yarn folders. It can mark duplicates messages for deletion (keeping the newest message), and also mark messages for deletion based on age (number of days old). It can also just output general folder statistics, without making any changes.

The Story

The Translation
 Alas, a tragedy unfolds. We must make the best though, must we? Who knows what is best, when the standards are all emblazoned in gaud. Alas, alas. Once upon a time there was a superior landscape, with fine built in scripting. My heart breaks as I must now move into the land of Crashingness. What can we do? We can sigh. We can write Perl Scripts.  

 I've been converting my REXX scripts to PERL. As much as it irks (and even depresses) me, I have had to switch my OS from belovèd OS/2 to despisèd Win95, for various reasons. So, weighing my options and trying to make the best of a bad situation, I've decided Perl is the best way to go for scripting. Flexible, cross-platform, etc... So lets start a PERL/YARN archive! Okay?

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