Yarn is a multi-platform off-line internet email and usenet news reader. Yarn is currently available for OS/2, DOS, and Win95/NT.

Yarn has a text based (console) interface, it is not a GUI application. Yarn may be plain to look at, but it is very fast, extremely flexible, and thoroughly reliable.

Yarn is suitable for use with PPP/SLIP internet connections, as well as UNIX Shell accounts. Yarn does not recieve/send mail/news itself, but utilises any of several external programs to accomplish mail/news collection and transfers.

Yarn uses SOUP (Simple Offline Usenet Packet) format packets to transfer mail/news.

Yarn maintains a local database of mail/news you have downloaded. Yarn is capable of scoring and filtering messages based on keywords.

Yarn is actually a package of programs. Different programs in the Yarn package serve different functions, such as: importing mail, setting up filters, adding/removing newsgroups, expiring old news, and of course reading/writing messages. Having Yarn broken down into a collection of programs rather than a single monolithic program makes Yarn extremely flexible, and configurable. However it also makes Yarn challenging to learn to use at first. Reading the documentation is absolutely essential to successfully setting up Yarn.

Some of the advanced functions Yarn is capable of are:

The Official Yarn Web Site is at http://www.vex.net/yarn.

There is a mailing list devoted to supporting Yarn users. The list archives are available at http://www.vex.net/yarn/list.

The Yarn Information & Resource Exchange (this site) is "un-official", and not run by the author of Yarn. YIRX is merely an attempt to help centralise Yarn-related resources.

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