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Official Yarn information and links, including the Yarn download page and the Yarn mailing list archives.

Kevin Martin's venerable site which has helped countless people set up, and tune up, yarn. Mainly DOS/Windows related. Also information for setting up UQWK on UNIX.
Author of YURL, YWHO, YFUT and YSPAM
FAQ's regarding off-line mailers, including YARN. Also available via FTP. Yarn users my find the "Intro" and "Software" Faqs most interesting.
Author of Get News Groups, and other stuff. Mainly OS/2 related.
OS/2 E-Zine's tutorial on setting up and running Yarn/Souper. It is OS/2 specific, but probably most of the info is valid regardless of platform.

Yarn in Non-English Languages

A French language tutorial on setting up Yarn/Souper with OS/2.
A German guide for Yarn/Souper with OS/2.



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