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Tue, December 5, 2000
Patch for Pascal Pentium II Bug

Some have commented that some old Yarn DOS utilities created with Turbo Pascal no longer work with newer Pentium CPUs. This is a patch that is supposed to fix this problem.

Thu, February 4, 1999
Added Simple "Search Engine" to YIRX

As an experiment I've converted most of the software sections on YIRX to be run now from a database (PostgreSQL). Those pages are created dynamically from database queries. This flexibility has enabled me to create a simple "search" function which might be useful (if the database wasn't so small to start with <G>). The search is just a case insensitive 'substring' matcher. It can be found about 3/4 the way down the left frame on the main page. Give it a try!

Also, even at this late date, I've added a "Submit Resource" form, so if anyone knows of any software to add here they can easily fill out the form and send it along. The link is near the bottom of the left frame on the main page (ie. the Table of Contents page). Hopefully all this works.

(note: also fixed a very bad HTML problem on the main page which caused frames not to display in IE4 and other browser problems)

Thu, February 4, 1999

In the Yarn mailing list, Howard Schwarts reports that this old DOS program can be useful to use with yarn. It can read various yarn formats, and might be useful for doing conversions or other things. See the full scription in the Utils section for more details.

Thu, January 8, 1999
pine2yarnFolder & yarnFolder2dateText

Two new Python scripts (and indeed a new python script page) for use with yarn folders. One will convert Pine folders/mailboxes to yarn folders. The other takes a yarn folder and writes all the messages to individual text files where each filename is based on the date of the message.

Thu, November 20, 1998
WHY 1.5

"Windows Helper for Yarn" has been updated. WHY is a Windows 9x GUI shell for the Yarn off-line mail / news reader package. Many bugs fixed and enhancements, and a new web page too.

Fri, August 7, 1998
YFUT 1.2

"Yarn Follow-Up Tracker" allows tracking of follow-ups to your own articles by looking for high scores (created by the program itself).

Fri, August 7, 1998
Yarn Who 2.0

Allows the user to write quick and dirty comments about Usenet users (from inside Yarn) to remember who they are.

Fri, August 7, 1998
Yarn Spam 1.11

Facilitates a Yarn-users fight against spam. Finds headers and builds a complaint.

Fri, August 7, 1998
YURL 1.12

A little nifty tool for picking out URLs in articles and mails. Meant for the newsreader Yarn, but it can be used along with anything capable of piping articles to external DOS programs. (Also available is a "Blind" version for visually impared users.)

Fri, August 7, 1998

We are still alive! And mentioned in one of the Off-Line Readers faq's. A link has been added to them anyhow on the Links page.

Wed, February 18, 1998
Souplk (MIME/Quote-Printable/Charsets)

A utility used for decoding MIME encoding in headers as well as quoted-printable message bodies. It also serves as a charset translator, but at the moment only for Polish national chars.

Not even a day old, and already an update! Woohoo! (showing me the total inadequacy of the layout of this "what's new" page as well!)

Wed, February 18, 1998

Grand opening of YIRX, at long last. The old Bells/2 site is officially retired.

This new site, however, still needs work, and some software info/links need to be updated/added. If you can help by reporting any old bad links, or software that has not been added yet to the page, but should be here, please do do do do.


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