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What Have we Here?

Just some general information about this web site.

For a long time I've wanted to expand my Yarn/2 (OS/2 Specific) site to incorporate links to resources for the other platforms.

It seems almost ridiculous (if I may say) to put so much work into a Yarn site when so few people use it anymore, and Yarn development seems to be permanently frozen as far as anyone can tell. But what the heck... something to fool around with... an academic exercise, so to speak. And of course, for the faithful few, it may be useful.

I'm not planning on putting a lot of time into hunting down resources as I did, once upon a time, with my Yarn/2 site. I'm counting on anyone out there who cares to contribute links, descriptions, and information. I will basically add the software I come across which I personally use. My hope (though it doesn't really matter, does it) is that others will contribute likewise. Y.A.R.X is a framework, a repository...

Okay? So look around, and if you feel like it then e-mail information on anything which seems to be missing.

Note: all software on these pages is FREE (like Yarn itself) unless otherwise noted. Most of the software on this site is linked to other sites and is not stored locally. Please report any broken links.


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