Favourite Work of Dijkstra

Official source

32 PDF HTML some meditations on Advanced Programming
667 PDF HTML On the foolishness of "natural language programming"
831 PDF HTML Why numbering should start at zero
1012 PDF HTML "real mathematicians don't prove"
1016 PDF a computing scientist's approach to a once-deep theorem of Sylvester's
1036 PDF HTML on the cruelty of really teaching computing science
1068 PDF HTML on the quality criteria for mathematical writing (Mathematical Methodology)
1073 PDF HTML how computing science created a new mathematical style
1094 PDF HTML the undeserved status of the pigeon-hole principle (Mathematical Methodology)
1159 PDF a note on ``tail invariants''
1268 PDF HTML the Mathematical Divide
1269 PDF a simple proof of Hall's Theorem
1294a PDF designing a calculational proof of Cantor's theorem
1298 PDF HTML under the spell of Leibniz's Dream
1300 PDF HTML the notational conventions I adopted, and why