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This module contains some commonly needed functions that makes a Haskell interpreter an ideal CS calculator. The file is at Calculator.hs.


Display non-negative integer in bases

hex :: (Integral n, Show n) => n -> StringSource

non-negative integer to hexadecimal string

oct :: (Integral n, Show n) => n -> StringSource

non-negative integer to octal string

bin :: (Integral n, Show n) => n -> StringSource

non-negative integer to binary string

Exponentiation with mod

powmod :: (Integral n, Integral e) => n -> n -> e -> nSource

powmod m b e = b^e modulo m

Fibonacci numbers

The fibonacci numbers. f0 = 0, f1 = 1, f(n+2) = f(n+1) + f(n). We seem to use 0 as the starting index, but notice it is compatible with the usual 1-based definition, since f2=1.

fiblist :: [Integer]Source

The infinite list of fibonacci numbers.

fib :: (Integral b, Num a) => b -> aSource

An efficient recursive algorithm for computing one fibonacci number.

  • f (2k+1) = (f k)^2 + (f (k+1))^2
  • f (2k) = 2 * f k * f (k+1) - (f k)^2


primelist :: [Integer]Source

The infinite list of prime numbers from 2 in increasing order.

isprime :: Integer -> BoolSource

Whether a number is prime. This looks for the number in the prime list.

Extended Euclidean algorithm

euclid :: Integral a => a -> a -> (a, a, a)Source

euclid a b performs the extended euclidean algorithm to find (d,m,n) such that a*m+b*n = d = gcd(a,b).

Binomial coefficients, combination (nCr)

binomial :: (Integral b, Num a) => b -> [a]Source

Binomial coefficients of (x+1)^n.

choose :: Num a => Int -> Int -> aSource



The horror!

ack :: (Num a, Eq a) => a -> a -> aSource

Please don't use the Ackermann function!

Continued fractions of square roots

cfsqrt :: Integral a => a -> [a]Source

Continued fraction of square root of n.