Albert's favourite Number Theory stuff

Of course I cannot claim that I am very well-versed in number theory. But I am interested in it. In particular I am interested in the following items:

Introduction to basic number theory, written by me.

Mail me ( for more discussions.

Or, since I am not exactly an expert, and since most probably you want to talk to experts, better try the newsgroups. Computational number theory, especially the above items, are of both mathematical and cryptographical interests. So, try the newsgroups sci.math and sci.crypt.

Of course there are more to computational number theory than factorization and primality testing. For example, some algebraic number theory also falls into computational number theory. (As we can see in the Number Field Sieve.) But I am not familiar with these, so I don't list them out for the moment. Try the above newsgroups if you are interested.

More fun stuff:

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