Usenet Posts of Albert Y. C. Lai

Some of my past Usenet posts I want to refer to often. There are others not listed here.

TitleDate & LinkRemark
A question about tuplesApr 8, 2011Parametricity.
Favorite Research PapersNov 10, 2007
XML?Oct 17, 2007Comments on two Haskell XML libraries: HXT and HaXML.
GHC install prefix and upgradesMar 14, 2007
Defence of recursive programmingJun 23, 2005
But the real world has mutable state...Aug 04, 2004But physics has no state.
Is the Functional Paradigm suitable for Math Heavy problems?Jan 13, 2004Immutability simplifies backtracking search.
Jan 11, 2004Recursion simplifies operations on trees (math expressions).
Jan 10, 2004FPL does not use more stack.
Dec 27, 2003Theorem proving is Math Heavy too.
Offering abstract data structures (with simple and efficient implementation)Dec 14, 2003“Everything is a set” considered harmful.
Express What, not How.Oct 15, 2003The “what” of queues, erratum.
Oct 15, 2003Let programmers choose when to abstract; the “what” of queues
[OT]Re: AI direction to approach. //QuantaJul 12, 2003The halting problem helps, not hurts.
local variables don't cause side effectsJul 12, 2003Recursion should be easier than iteration!
Jul 10, 2003
How fast can you write functional programs?May 03, 2003
Why isn't X mainstream?---A oldbie's viewApr 17, 2003Sarcasm on C performance.
Why isn't Haskell mainstream?---A newbie's viewApr 15, 2003Beware of counting books.
"Simple" algebraic expressionJan 10, 2003"algebra" should allow "if", "min"...
Do we really need FPLs? We can do everything with the imperative languages.Jun 08, 2002Normalized metric of language performance.
Uniqueness typing vs MonadsApr 11, 2002Monads help reuse.
Of languages and religionsJul 17, 2001What helped me learn FP.
Sort Issue. Haskell.Jul 15, 2001Why students can't self-study.
On Education and Writing StyleJun 29, 2001Sources of two quotes on engineering and software costs.
Haskell98 - Where it used ? (example of use)Jun 28, 2001Sarcasm on “one idea per line” and imperative programming being simpler.
FP is an excellent match for modern CPUsApr 16, 2001Sarcasm on “90% of software”.
Me and FP (somewhat longish and boring...)Aug 23, 2000Programming languages should not be just easy to write.
Are foldl and foldr Useful? (troll/sarcasm) (was: Are Monads Useful?)Aug 16, 2000
Space leaks etc.Jun 05, 2000C performance is actually less uniform than FPL performance.
Does 1= -1?Jan 30, 1999sqrt is principal root and why
Is ML a popular programming lang? [Yes, a new academic year has begun]Nov 05, 1998

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