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The Shorebird Sister Schools Program The U.S.F.W.S.Shorebird Sister Schools Program is an on-line education program designed for students and teachers to track the migration of Arctic-nesting shorebirds to their nesting grounds in Alaska and the Canadian Arctic. Discover amazing facts about shorebirds and find fun activities to test your shorebirds identification skills. Learn more about the wetland habitats that shorebirds utilize throughout their life, and how to plan a field trip to observe shorebirds when they come through your community. Track shorebirds from their wintering grounds to their nesting grounds and share your personal birding experiences with others.
Point Reyes Bird Observatory Point Reyes Bird Observatory is a non-profit, membership group founded in 1965. This organization’s mission is to “conserve birds and the environment using science to understand and find solutions to problems threatening wildlife populations and ecosystems”.
U.S. Shorebird Conservation Plan "A collaborative effort between researchers, land managers and education specialists from the U.S. who will cooperate with colleagues from Canada and Mexico to advance effective conservation of North American shorebird species. Coordinated by Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences, the USSCP focuses on 1) Habitat Management, 2) Research and Monitoring and 3) Education and Outreach”.
Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network The Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network is “a voluntary, non-regulatory coalition of over 140 private and public organizations in seven countries working together to study and conserve shorebirds throughout their habitats”.
WetNet The Wetlands Network is a site dedicated to the preservation of endangered wetland areas and the species that are found in those habitats.
Centralized Data Management Office A key component of NOAA's Centralized Data Management Office, this program, in support of NERRS, monitors abiotic factors (i.e. water quality & meteorological occurences) and biodiversity, while performing land use planning analysis. The NERR System-wide Monitoring Program provides data necessary for site and inter-site baseline studies, trend analyses and impact assessment. Such work is crucial to the preservation of shorebird habitats.
The Wader Study Group The Wader Study Group (WSG) is an association of amateurs and professionals from all parts of the world interested in Charadrii (waders and shorebirds).

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