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Feb 21, 2001 SOB5
New Group A new group is reborn on yahoo. Click on the above link to join.
Dec 12, 2000 SOB5
Babcom, went down for some minor technical work and was schedule to come back up the next day. However, it never returned.

The History of SOB5

The SouthOntario Babylon 5 (SOB5) mailing list was created as a place for Babylon 5 (B5) fans to discuss Babylon 5.

Over the years it was a place for fans to help other fans find when and where B5 had moved to on the TV schedule. A place for fans to coordinate and fight and save the program.

It was the spring of the Earth-year 1996. John HilGreen (AKA Ranger One) the orignal list adminstrator created two sister list: CFTO-B5 and Buffalo-B5.

The CFTO-B5 list grew quickly when fans learned that CFTO (Baton Broadcasting System (BBS)), now known as the station who shall remain nameless (thanks to CKVR), dropped the program.

With the loss of CFTO (and the BBS network) fans across the country lost Babylon 5. As a result of the change of status around CFTO and efforts to get another national station to pick up B5. the list were split apart and became two independent mailing list. At this sametime, John found being list-admin of both list too much. Andrew Gurudata became list-admin of the CFTO-B5 list.

When CKVR (VR) picked up the rights to season 4, the mailing list had a bit of a falling out between those who could get VR and those who could not. A debate developed on weither the purpose of the mailing list was to talk about the show or to save the show nationally. This lead to the list being split into two groups to better refect it's nature:

SouthOntario-B5 list
A place for fans who received the program to discuss current episodes and other B5 events.
SouthOntario-B5-Info list
Originally meant to be a place for fans who wanted to continue the fight getting B5 on in their area. Ulimately the Info list became a place for B5 News annoucements as some people found the SOB5 had too much traffic.

What stations have aired Babylon 5?

  • BBS (CFTO, et al - the station that shall remain nameless) had the original Canadian rights and aired The Gathering the original 2 hour pilot plus the first three seasons. On CFTO the program moved around.
  • In the summer of '96 BBS announced they would be dropping b5 from their schedule. Worse was the fact they did not plan to play the last 4 episodes of season 3 in the fall.
  • The good news for most SO B5 fans was CKVR picked up the rights at the last second (as most other stations had set their fall schedule). CITY said if the program was a hit on their sister station they too would carry it. CKVR, not only purchased the rights for season 4 and got the rights to air the final 4 of season 3 they put B5 on at Mondays at 7pm and didn't move it. VR's ratings soared with B5 becoming it's most popular show at that time. Of course CITY then decided to pick up the program but gave it Sunday nights at 12am.
  • Then came season 5. With such good ratings other stations became nterested. Ultimately resulting in CFMT getting the rights to season 5 as well as airing the reruns of seasons 1-4 (M- @ 7pmF)

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