Blog of Albert Y. C. Lai

Opinions, thoughts, short writings. Irregular, infrequent additions. I try to post interesting, well-thought out things only. No casual mechanism for you to add your comments; you have to be serious enough to write me. Email address is in each article.

Talk: Codifying probabilities with the last full measure November 2023
Talk: Intuitionistic logic (PDF), sample code November 2022
Stamp Collection And The Road to Redemption November, 2015
同意李家傑 March 7, 2013
Any, For All, Exists February 5, 2010
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Make Backups! March 31, 2008
declare-before-use is non-context-free February 1, 2008
what is intuitive? September 28 2005
"... because common people think like so-and-so ..." September 15 2004
my quote on real programmers July 9 2004
my quote on the continuation passing style July 8 2004
The point of pointfree July 3 2004
Iteration and Recursion July 12 2003

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