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*new* Nokring-3390/3210/3xxx Composer-Keypress
Online Ringtone Convertor/Transposer

Now with added key transposition function
to allow you change pitch of the ringtone.

This is a collection of ringtones for Nokia cellular phones - all the tones in this page are of my own conversion; and not copied from other web sites. They are written for use with the Nokring program. I have included MIDI files for you to preview the ringtone. For 3390/3xx0 users, you can use my ringtone convertor if you want to key in the ringtone manually. Since 3xx0's built-in composer has a more limited octave range, you may have to use the transpose function to make it fit. Watch for errors in the conversion.

NOTE: This is NOT a ringtone request web page. It is not possible for the ringtone to be sent to your phone directly from this web page. If you do not have a data cable, you can try posting requests at newsgroup; please do not email me to request ringtones.

The melodies have been modified to work better as ringtones. You will notice that they have been set to faster tempo. My aim is to have a recognizable tone within a few seconds - afterall, you are supposed to answer the phone! :-) But the tempo can be easily changed to your taste after the tone is imported into Nokring. And you can also use my ringtone convertor/transposer to change the key/pitch of the ringtone.

Check back at this page for changes and new ringtones.


* Requirements & Instructions:

You must have the following hardware and software: Nokia 8890, 8290, 7190, 3390, 6190, 5190 (ver 5.81+) or other compatible GSM 8xxx, 6xxx, 71xx, 3xxx phones; Data-Cable/IR interface; Nokia Cellular Data Suite; and Nokring program installed.

You can preview the ringtone by clicking on the song title or on "MIDI". You can download the tone in RTTTL format by Right-clicking the "RTTTL" and select "Save As" to download the file to your PC; or click on the "RTTTL" and then Copy-And-Paste directly into Nokring or to a text editor. You can then "Open" the downloaded text file in Nokring.

Disclaimer: These ringtone files are for personal enjoyment only. All copyright belongs to its respective author.

If you want to copy these ringtones and put it up in your own web page, I would appreciate that you would include a link back to this page in your web site. Thanks!



Metal Gear Solid 2:
Sons Of Liberty
RTTTL MIDI Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons Of Liberty*new*
by Harry Gregson-Williams
from the amazing trailor (Winter 2001)
Pacman RTTTL MIDI Pacman *new*
Saboten no hana RTTTL MIDI Saboten no hana *new*
Hidamari no Uta
from Hitotsu Yane no Shita
Hidamari no Uta RTTTL MIDI
Love Call
RTTTL MIDI 郭富城 - Aaron Kwok
Ding Dong RTTTL MIDI Ding Dong - Japanese Anime Series
(Not Sammi's version)
RTTTL MIDI 張學友 - Jacky Cheung
Eyes On Me RTTTL MIDI from Final Fantasy VIII
First Lover
RTTTL MIDI 劉小慧 - Winnie Lau
Laputa RTTTL MIDI Laputa - Japanese Anime movie
Legend Of Rejuvenation
RTTTL MIDI 張學友 - Jacky Cheung
Love You More
RTTTL MIDI 張學友 - Jacky Cheung
Moon Represent My Heart
RTTTL MIDI 鄧麗君 - Teresa Teng (Deng Li Jun)
Old Flame
RTTTL MIDI 李克勤 - Hacken Lee
Shanghai Beach
RTTTL MIDI Francis Yip
Silent Bonding
RTTTL MIDI 鄭秀文 - Sammi Cheng
RTTTL MIDI 王菲 - Faye Wong
RTTTL MIDI 鄧麗君 - Teresa Teng (Deng Li Jun)
Wind Song
RTTTL MIDI 郭富城 - Aaron Kwok
Wish Forever
RTTTL MIDI 王菲 - Faye Wong
New Year 1
Chinese New Year - 恭喜發財!
New Year 2
New Year 4
New Year 5
New Year 6



March Of Gladiators
RTTTL MIDI Olympics: March Of Gladiators *new*
Olympics Theme
Support Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics bid
Olympics Theme RTTTL MIDI
Star Trek Voyager RTTTL MIDI Star Trek Voyager
Voyager's journey ended on May 23 (Earthdate).
O Canada RTTTL MIDI Canada's National Anthem
The complete version is too long
to fit into the ringtone memory;
but has been included for completeness.
O Canada (long) RTTTL MIDI
Mission Impossible RTTTL MIDI Mission Impossible
Blue (Da Ba Dee) RTTTL MIDI Eiffel 65
Austin Powers RTTTL MIDI Austin Powers Opening Theme
Angel Of Music RTTTL MIDI Phantom of the Opera
Musico Of TheNight RTTTL MIDI
Phantom Of the Opera RTTTL MIDI
Cherry Pink and
Apple Blossom White
RTTTL MIDI Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White
Dances With Wolves RTTTL MIDI Dances With Wolves
Godfather RTTTL MIDI Godfather
Forrest Gump RTTTL MIDI Forrest Gump
Gypsy RTTTL MIDI Gypsy - Lord of the Dance
Good tune for ringtones, but it is too long.
Cutoff is a bit of a compromise.
Happy Birthday RTTTL MIDI I use this for "eGreetings" message
I Just Call To Say
I Love You
RTTTL MIDI I Just Call To Say I Love You - Stevie Wonder
Another good choice for "eGreetings"...
Music Box Dancer RTTTL MIDI Music Box Dancer- Frank Mills
St. Elmo's Fire RTTTL MIDI St. Elmo's Fire
Titanic - 1 RTTTL MIDI My Heart Will Go On - Celine Dion
Titanic - 2 RTTTL MIDI
To Love You More RTTTL MIDI To Love You More - Celine Dion
Frosty the Snowman RTTTL MIDI Frosty the Snowman


Non-Musical Ringtone

XFile variant RTTTL MIDI *new* XFile variant
Fido - 1 RTTTL MIDI We have operator logos, so how about Operator Ringtones!
Anyways, these were my attempt. As opposed to musical
ringtones, non-muscial tones tend to sound better
in the phone than the "MIDI" version.
Intel RTTTL MIDI "Intel Inside" variant
Knock - 1 RTTTL MIDI A soft non-disruptive mono-tonous ringtone.
Knock - 2 RTTTL MIDI
Urgent RTTTL MIDI Urgent
Mosaic - 1 RTTTL MIDI A "Chase" variant
Mosaic - 2 RTTTL MIDI
Triple RTTTL MIDI Inspired by Ericsson's ringtone.
Consists of "Triple-Triple" instead of
Ericsson's "Triple-Double".


* Miscellaneous


If you have any questions or problems, you can send me an email or fill out the form in my web page.
Lawrence Kwan

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