Vex.Net provides individuals, businesses, and ISPs with a variety of Internet services such as email, World Wide Web site hosting, and UNIX shell accounts. Additionally, we provide registration and virtual hosting domains, with access to a secure web server, CGI tools, database hosting, mailing lists, dedicated connectivity and more.

Vex.Net has many services and tools of special interest to the advanced web site developer which are difficult to find elsewhere. Check out our Tech Info page to see what software we have currently installed. If you wish to build or explore a robust UNIX-based Internet hosting and development environment, Vex.Net is for you.

From the simplest web page to many complex projects, Vex.Net can fit itself to your needs. Please email us for more information, if needed; or if you would like an account on Vex, you may go straight to our new user application. To get a new domain or transfer an existing one to us please go to our Domain Registry page.

Referral Rewards
Have someone inform us that they were recommended by you when they subscribe to a new Vex.Net account, and you will receive the equivalent of one month's worth of their account subscription credited to your account.
Domain Registration
You can register most top level domains through Vex.Net for only $20. You may "park" your domain here for free if you do not yet have web site hosting. Hosting a domain at Vex.Net can cost as little as $12.50 per month (Mini-Virtual @ $150/year). You can save even more by purchasing your domain and hosting through Vex.Net.

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